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Shade Shelter USA

is a shade sail, structure and site amenity company offering the finest in American made shade, recreation and park solutions.  We offer shade sails, shade cantilevers, commercial shade umbrellas, hexagon, rectangle and square shade sail structures, shade hip structures, and custom shade structures. We also offer permanent shelter solutions including square, gable, hip, hexagon and octagon pavilions, pergolas, trellis’ and gazebos.

 also offers commercial site amenities including picnic, modern, specialty and cafe tables, benches, trash receptacles, ash urns, outdoor accessories, dog park play products, accoutrements, bleachers, playgrounds, fitness equipment paths, indoor playgrounds and more.

We strive to make the customer experience a pleasant one.  We offer custom design planning with 3D topographical mapping, stamped engineering plans and installation options.  Whether you are a contractor, site planner, parks and recreation officer or an end consumer wanting a commercial grade product we have a solution for you.

Shade Sails | Shade Structures

Shade sails are a way of providing comfortable shade in modern landscapes. Each shade sail consists of fabric that’s been specially designed to withstand an incredible amount of pressure, filter UV rays, is weatherproof and some fabrics are even waterproof . Each sail is attached with turnbuckles and D-links to steel posts which are mounted to rebar reinforced cement pads and tightened to remain stationary in winds up to 100 mph. Shade sails not only have the benefit of little to no maintenance but are able to cover larger and custom sized areas with a small footprint and negligible line of sight obstruction.

Residential Grade Fabric Sails

  • Typically Only Fabric Is Included
  • Thinner Weight & Quality Fabric
  • Non-Stainless Residential Quality Hardware Components
  • Does Not Include Commercial Grade Steel Structure
  • Attachment Points – Typically these kits ask the homeowner to use their homes and 4×4 posts in cement footers.  This type of installation will most assuredly fail because the tensioning and wind stress will cause the attachment points to rip, flex and ultimately fail.

Commercial Grade Shade Sails – Structures

  • Fabric & Powder Coated Steel Structure Included
  • Top Quality High Density Polyethylene UV Rated & Resistant Fabric
  • 100% Stainless Steel Hardware Components
  • Reinforced Caged Rebar Cement Footings(Typically 5′ Deep x 30″ In Diameter)
  • Chemically Set Baseplate & Bolts
  • Attachment Points – Engineered plans ensure the steel structure is properly seated and can handle the wind loads and tensioning required for a commercial grade shade sail installation.

Shade Shelters

Shelters offer shade and protection from rain and wind. Structures expand the opportunities for fun and enjoyment wherever they’re placed. There are so many ways to add value to a location through these outdoor shelter products.

Whether it be a park, school, sports field, recreational center or any other site when you add a sun shelter, pavillion or gazebo the possibilities are endless. Our gazebos, structures and pergolas are top-quality and American made We have an extensive catalog of outdoor shelters that include pergolas, gazebos, trellis’, sun shelters, park shelters and other outdoor shade structures.

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